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About Us

Who Is Behind OnTheOche?

OnTheOche is ran by 2 seasoned pro's. Matt Love, a professional gambler and founder of highly respected football betting service Football Elite and Richard Anderson, who has been specialising in betting on darts for over 12 years. He is in regular contact with many of the players on the circuit and as such is privy to who is in and out of form in the off-TV floor tournaments, who are the up and coming players on the circuit aswell as being amongst the first to hear about the quality of any new players to the tour.

The service takes a very selective approach to betting, only placing down money when absolutely everything is in our favour. This results in us only betting on the absolute best bets of the year. These bets have shown a 25% edge over the market over the long term.

Free Trial

For new members we offer a completely free, no obligation 30 day free trial. This allows you to "try before you buy" and see if the service is for you. While I obviously cannot guarantee a profit will be made in any 30 day period it will give you the chance to see how the service works and enable you to verify that the results recorded on this website are genuine and recorded fairly and accurately.

Please note free trial members will recieve the bets 30 minutes after full members. This is to ensure fairness for paying members so they get "first crack" at the best available odds.

There is absolutely no obligation for you to carry on subscribing once your trial is over.

If you decide to subscribe after your trial there are 2 methods of subscription - flate rate and pay per profit.

Flat rate subscriptions are:-

  • £299.99 for 12 months

  • £174.99 for 6 months

  • £99.99 for 3 months

  • £37.50 per month.

Pay Per Profit subscriptions are:-

  • £100 per 5pts profit made (5pts = 20% ROC)

  • £125 per 7.5pts profit made (7.5pts = 30% ROC)

  • £150 per 10pts profit made (10pts = 40% ROC)

Considering we have 7 years of proofed, profitable results in the book we feel we are offering real value for money for the quality of information you will receive.

Payment for membership is processed via debit/credit card, Paypal, Moneybookers, bank transfer or cheque.


The results on this website are based on a recommended 25pt betting bank.

Bets are staked between 0.25 and 2pts although the vast majority of bets are between 0.25pts and 0.75pts. All bets are proofed in advance to The Secret Betting Club and Pro Gambler.

Bets are never recorded at absolute top price as it would be unrealistic/impossible to expect members to get best price at all times. Odds recorded are the general price at the time the bet is sent. EG if a player is priced 2.15 top price, 2.14 with a few others and then most firms go 2.1 the price recorded for official records would be 2.1. We only quote odds from reputable firms. No fly by night firms with too good to be true odds are quoted nor firms with a bad reputation in terms of payouts etc.

As with all betting, it is strongly advisable that you set aside a betting bank which is totally seperate from the money you normally use for living expenses etc. This must be sufficient to sustain losing runs which are an inevitable part of gambling.

As much as we try to avoid losing runs, in the course of time they are unfortunatly inevitable. It would be folly to say otherwise and it would be folly to think you can regularly back in any sport without having to go through the dreaded losing run. Darts by it's very nature is a game decided by millimetres and so patience is required to stick out the times when it feels like missed doubles and big checkouts are going against you. The important thing is to a) make sure your betting bank is sufficient to be able to take those losing periods and b) take the long-term view and think of the big picture.


The email and text with the recommended bets are usually sent out at the same regular time - 10.30am the day of the games. The only exception to this is when the tournament schedule doesn't allow that and you'll be given plenty of advance warning if that is the case.

All selections are backed up by detailed in depth analysis, we would never expect anyone to back a selection without you knowing the reasons behind the selection.


If you need any more info or have any questions about the service please don't hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Form


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